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6 Simple Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Business


Social media, networks, platforms, channels; whatever you describe the various aspects as – are an exceptional way to add value to your business. Here are a few ways you or your business can learn from social media.

1. Current Affairs and News.

Social media can keep you up-to-date and informed on all the latest news relating to your business of industry.…

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Budgeting Your Social Media Activities

So not all businesses will be able to afford to hire a social media personal assistant to manage their social media profile, if that’s the case this article is for you.

To help those who want to budget their social media activities online, I have decided to give some guidance and support based on previous experience, and a little from others also.…

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Do you have Klout?

If you haven’t heard already, Klout  helps Social Media users measure their influence and is particularly useful for social media assistants to track and measure the peaks and troughs of our clients social ‘score’. Klout measures the following;

  • Score Analysis – “The Klout Score measures influence on a scale of 1 to 100.”
  • True Reach – “True Reach is the number of people you influence.”
  • Amplification – “Amplification indicates how much you influence people.”
  • Network Impact – “Network Impact measures the influence of your network.” (Descriptions from

It’s interesting and quite subjective the way Klout have used their own metrics for scoring social media users to allow marketers to reach key social influencers.…

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Google+ is Open for Business(es), But How Does It Stack Up?

In a previous post, we made some predictions on how Google+ could potentially become a useful platform for businesses. And now the time for speculation is over. Last week Google opened up the service to corporations, brands and organizations of all types, intensifying the social network’s competition with Facebook.

The announcement was a major one, since for the first four months of its existence only individuals were allowed to have Google+ accounts.…

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Tumblr: The Best Social Network You Don’t Use

Today, WordPress dominates the blogging world while Twitter has a firm grip on microblogging. Meanwhile, Facebook and Google+ are battling for the massive social networking market.

But alongside these major players, there is one platform that uniquely combines all three different domains. I’m talking about Tumblr, a service that deserves more attention than it gets.…

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Will Google+ Ever Be Helpful to Businesses?

In the ongoing battle between Facebook and Google+, Facebook’s success with business pages might appear to tip the scales in their favor. In contrast, Google+’s minimalist design and comparatively few features do not immediately seem to be a big revenue generator. But the search giant has big plans in store for businesses, and they are farther along than you might think.…

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