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Youtube Hits 4 Billion Video Views.. Per Day!

If you were in any doubt as to the power of Youtube and it’s popularity. This article from Reuters should put your mind at rest. According to the news corporation, Google’s video sharing website has hit a stunning average of 4 billion video views per day. An astronomical number when you consider that the site is only 6 years old.…

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Google Ready To Roll Out New Super Privacy Policy.

Google announced today on their blog, that as of March 1st, they will be rolling all their services into one. Whilst this has been on the cards for some time, i’m not sure if the implications have been fully understood until today.

This is part of what they had to say today;

“What does this mean in practice?…

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Facebook Announce Free UK Advertising.

Facebook has today announced it will offer £4.2m worth of free advertising to small businesses across Europe in the near future.

Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s chief operating officer, announced that 50,000 small businesses across five nations; UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy will have the chance to claim up to £80 each of credits to use on Facebook advertising.…

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Pinterest – The New Wave Of Social Bookmarking?

Every few months there is a new social network or platform which is on the rise. Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that focuses on images. Imagine a cross between Stumbleupon and Digg, or Diigo and Flickr. According the the founders Pinterest has been in development since 2009 and a working website since 2010.…

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Why Businesses Can No Longer Ignore Google+

So you’ve been putting it off for a few weeks, assuming it will go away. Well, you’re not alone. It would appear, however, that Google+ is here to stay. With recent announcements about their plan to heavily link Google+ with search, opinions are divided on whether it is the right thing to do or simply an example of monopolization.…

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Solve Your DM Spam Issues…

I’m sure you’ve all experienced it on Twitter, you get a DM saying the following..

“i made $426.23 online today with”

“hi, i just got a bunch of ringtones from here:”

“OMG I can’t believe I found you”

“you look so funny on here”

“i can’t stop laughing at this..”

“Make money from home you’re guaranteed $3,000-$8,000 a month”

All the messages end with a link, suffice to say it’s not a good idea to click the link.…

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Why Your Business Website Should Have A Blog

The ease of publishing and the participatory nature of commenting have made blogs incredibly popular over the past decade. But today they are much more than just personal diaries. Blogging content management systems such as WordPress can power your entire business website, or can be quickly installed on your domain. For businesses that take the time to plan a clear strategy, a blog can bring several important benefits.…

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Your New Year’s Social Media Resolutions

We’re now a few days into 2012, and many of us have undoubtedly committed to some of the usual New Year’s Resolutions: exercising more, eating less, quitting a personal habit and the like. But have you dedicated yourself to something that will improve your business, not just yourself?

I’m talking, of course, about your New Year’s Social Media Resolutions!…

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