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Pinterest, Quotes & the Search for Inspiration

One good glance through the “Popular” category on Pinterest indicates an interesting trend. Users are pinning (and re-pinning) a good number of quotes/funny sayings and they seem to be growing in popularity.

Pinterest is still evolving and it’s fascinating to see how people are using it in unique ways. Maybe it’s not all about visual candy, but something more — perhaps inspiration.…

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Resultly – Realtime Search Engine

There are few significant events in the recent Internet history that
changed the face of the Internet forever and whose ripples are still
propagating through the online world.

The first event occurred in 1998 when google introduced its rank based
algorithm and search engine. Google offers plethora of products but
the largest slice of its revenue pie comes from Search and Google’s
AdSense program allowing businesses to better target audience with
relevant advertisements.…

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3 Millions Users At HootSuite [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hootsuite recently celebrated hitting 3 million users. The social media dashboard (which we are big fans of here at Social Colleague) has grown substantially from its early days.

“It is a momentous day in HootSuite’s history as we’re proud to announce our 3,000,000th signup. The dashboard is riding an impressive growth curve having taken 24 months to reach our first million, eight months to reach two million, and six months to reach three million users.”

As you can see from their infographic below, Japan beats both Canada and the UK to second place in numbers of users behinds the States.…

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Create Your Own Infographics At Visual.Ly

Those that read our blog from time to time will probably be aware we’re big fans of the infographic here at Social Colleague. We’ve posted a couple right here on our blog, and we love to share them on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook with our followers.

Things are set to change very quickly with the introduction (long awaited, may I add) of the free infographic creation tool at Visual.Ly.…

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A Beginners Guide To LinkedIn.

Believe it or not LinkedIn dates back to before Facebook and Twitter, which is old in social media terms. However, recently it has come of age and has been growing in stature and now is considered the most important social network for business. So I thought it appropriate to help some of our visitors who may not be fully aware of the features and possibilities of LinkedIn.…

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Every 60 Seconds In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

I love to share infographics here at Social Colleague, and our latest is this from Social Jump Start.
Amazing as always, what happens in the space of 60 seconds in social media is a reminder of the exponential growth such sites as YouTube has seen over the years, and for all the recent growth, Pinterest still has some way to go to reach the traffic of Twitter or Facebook.…

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