What Is A Social Media Audit?

Social Media can seem very daunting to small business owners. You spend most of your day fullfilling orders, answering calls and replying to emails. Then you supposedly have to make time for social media? Your Facebook page needs you, you need to reply to those DMs on Twitter, or that comment on your business blog.

Your social media efforts can feel somewhat time consuming if you do not channel your efforts effectively. We’ve all been there, the moment when you ask ‘When am I supposed to have the time for this? Well the answer is simple. Everyday.

Whilst I appreciate that may not be music to a small business owner’s ears, it’s not as ‘bad’ as it sounds. A few minutes every day is perfect. But what about if you need more direction? A longer term plan or strategy for your business or brand? Are you outsourcing your social media activities but not seeing the desired return? A Social Media Audit may be just what you are looking for.

What Is a Social Media Audit?

We’ll in it’s simplest form it’s a detailed review of your social media activities from your website to your social media accounts and profiles. We’ll analyse and critique your engagement, interaction and community. Providing suggestions and ways to increase your influence and interact meaningfully with your community.

Why Should You Pay £100 for a Social Media Audit?

Good question, we’re not snake oil salesmen here at Social Colleague. We’re qualified digital marketeers. Social media is our speciality and we think £100 for 10 hours work is an absolute bargain, plus we get to help small businesses in the process. Have you asked a marketing consultant what their hourly rate is? You’re likely to get 2 or 3 hours max. We’re a small business and we want to work with small businesses, so we appreciate your situation and understand your budget.

Contact us for more information or visit the Social Media Audit page to get started.


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