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At Social Colleague we have several clients who rely heavily on Facebook for the majority of their social media presence. If this is you, then we thought this would be a good opportunity to help you with some official resources from the social network itself.

Many small businesses, and even some large corporations, are not aware of the valuable resources. Facebook is one of the best social networks (in my opinion) for providing such official advice and best practise guidance for businesses. Here we’ll attempt to break down what the most important links and guides are you for and your business.

Guides To Success 

“These solutions are designed to be used together to drive business results: a new Page to tell your brand’s story, Reach Generator to easily and regularly communicate with your fans, and Premium on Facebook to share your most important messages to your larger, targeted audience.”


Facebook Pages 

This PDF is a particularly useful resource for small businesses look to provide the best experience for their fans. Detailing best practises for timeline images and graphics, along with how to best utilize features such as milestones and the new ‘pinned’ post and message features. The guide also gives some good tips as to the best way to optimise your  updates and postings, along with the giving a few hints at the most likely post types to receive quality engagement.

Facebook Business Pages







The Reach Generator 

Put simply this is a guide to expanding how many users you’re page reaches on a daily basis. Facebook says;

“Businesses are better in a connected world and Pages are the essential place for businesses to connect with their fans. On average, fans spend 2x more with businesses than non-fans.¹

Right now you may only reach 16% of your fans each week.² Reach Generator guarantees that you reach 75% of your fans each month and an estimated 50% of fans each week³ in a simple, always-on way. Fans will see your message as a sponsored story on the right-hand side of their homepage or in their news feed on desktop or mobile.”

Admittedly the reach generator is not available to everyone, and you may have to contact Facebook to see if your business qualifies (they have been known to be slow to reply sometimes). However, if you can qualify it certainly is worthwhile. Giving additional options and features to advertisers within the social network.

Premium On Facebook 

Simply put, this is a feature that allows businesses to reach ‘the right people at the right time’ According to Facebook, meaning greater prominence and are 40% more likely to be engaged with.









Other useful links include a Facebook Ads & Sponsored stories guide, best practises and some ways to best measure success within your Facebook campaign.

All in all, is a really beneficial resource for all business sizes.

What do you think? Take a look at some of the guides and share your thoughts. Can they improve on what they have already shared?

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