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Data-Driven Facebook Analytics From Polygraph Media

Here’s a great guest blog post from the founder of Polygraph Media, provider of data driven Facebook analytics.

Popular Las Vegas Casinos on Facebook

by Chris Treadaway, Founder & CEO of Polygraph Media
Las Vegas is understandably one of the best places in the world for adults to enjoy a good time. …

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Some Useful Time Saving WordPress Plugins

So there are thousands, upon thousands of WordPress plugins out there – literally, but I’ll take a few moments to show you 5 of the best which can help webmasters streamline their WordPress operated website or blog, save time and help make things easier.


WordPress is so diverse these days; the types websites you can put together are varied.…

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4 Basic Steps To A Successful Social Media Campaign

Often small businesses who create a Facebook page, or open a Twitter account think that’s all they need to do. Build it and they will come? Not unless you are a major brand or business nationally. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding, bare in mind that a small business operating locally will not attract millions of Facebook fans.…

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Cookies: Is it all getting a bit stale?

The imminent “enforcement” of the now infamous “EU Cookie Laws” on Friday 26th May has caused quite a stir over the last few weeks.

Everybody has there own interpretation of the law – and their own opinion as to how it should be dealt with, however, I feel it’s often best to take a moderate view on these things.…

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The Most Engaging Brands On Facebook

I discovered this infographic from Social Bakers today whilst browsing Mashable.

The Most Engaging Brands On Facebook Today
All the facts and figures are taken from Social Bakers brilliant statistics services which you can visit here, and are based on daily averages.

Facebook Brands


Some great information there, but what stands out for me is the nature in which brands are pro-actively engaging in new territories to expand their business – such as Blackberry.  …

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SEO Q & A with Dave Cain

Whilst i’m very focused on writing about social media for obvious reasons, the growing importance of social media as part of the ‘signals’ which your dictate websites search results means i’ve spent the last couple of months learning much more about SEO. Both from a personal and professional stand-point.

So the following is a Q & A with Dave Cain, an SEO expert with over 10 years industry experience based in Nottingham.  …

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Facebook Tips – Social Adverts Settings


So Social Adverts have been around for quite som time now on Facebook, essentially it’s what appears when you see an advert and it says “Your Friend Likes This”. It’s pretty much accepted that this is a part of the social network and you’ve got to live with it if you want to use it – right?…

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