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Linkedin Enables Targeted Status Updates

As of last week, you can now select a target audience for updates shared on your Linkedin Company Page.

You can specify the audience you wish to view your update by company size, industry, job function, seniority, geography and whether they work in your business or not.

Targeted Status Updates were previously tested in beta to a few Linkedin customers and are now available to all Company Pages, the video from their YouTube channel shows you how to use the new features.…

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Twitter Adds Extra Interactivity!

Twitter has been experimenting with so called ‘extended tweets’ for a couple of weeks now. They have officially announced “expanded tweets” yielding more pictures, videos and page previews than previously.

The micro-blogging service has signed deals with partners like The New York Times, MSNBC, Time Magazine, BuzzFeed, Dailymotion and TMZ, so if you click on tweets from one of the official accounts you’ll get a story, video clip or image right there on the Twitter site; there’s no need to go elsewhere.…

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An Introduction To Social Media Club – By Jessica Murray

Social Media Club will soon be celebrating our 6th birthday in August and welcoming the launch of chapters throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Social Media Club has scaled so quickly because we’ve remained true to our not-for-profit missions which include promoting media literacy, sharing best practices and promoting ethical industry standards.…

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Time For Some Realism?

I appreciate this is completely off-topic, and I would normally write an update about social media news, or discuss strategy of some sort – but today’s different, for many reasons.

This week is my (and my family’s) last week living in the Republic Of Ireland, Dublin to be precise. Whilst I have enjoying living here, met my beautiful fiance and now have a beautiful daughter – there’s one thing I haven’t really felt since living here.…

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The Harrods Pinterest Campaign

The chances are a year ago you may not have heard about Pinterest, but if you’re a loyal Harrods customer (and probably female) then i’d imagine you now have a pretty good idea of what it’s about.


Harrods ran a very successful Pinterest campaign recently, where by they asked their loyal customers to create boards with the theme “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party”, the event itself took place over the holiday weekend just passed.…

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Are You Still a LinkedIn LION? Do You Benefit?

It’s been around for a few years now, the Linkedin LIONs (or Linkedin Open Networkers) which openly encourage networking with relative strangers in order to boost their audience, and to be honest I don’t really hear much about it these days – but i’m asking if anyone that is still a LION actually benefits from it?…

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Two Great New Facebook Features

As of yesterday, Facebook announced a few new features for brands using the business pages.

Admin Roles

First up is a really nice feature for page owners to assign different roles to admins, depending on what they are working on or what responsibilities they may have.There are five different roles, each with their own responsibilities:

All admins are currently managers by default, by this can be easily changed by going to your edit page button, then selecting admin roles (as below).…

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Twitter Stats

I picked this gorgeous infographic up from Pinterest, but i’m stll yet to find the designer or company who commissioned the work.

Did You Know…?

Whilst I’m impressed with the graphics and design, it’s important to note that I still cannot find the source for the stats above. Some, I think are conservative and others perhaps need more substantiating.…

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