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3 Millions Users At HootSuite [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hootsuite recently celebrated hitting 3 million users. The social media dashboard (which we are big fans of here at Social Colleague) has grown substantially from its early days.

“It is a momentous day in HootSuite’s history as we’re proud to announce our 3,000,000th signup. The dashboard is riding an impressive growth curve having taken 24 months to reach our first million, eight months to reach two million, and six months to reach three million users.”

As you can see from their infographic below, Japan beats both Canada and the UK to second place in numbers of users behinds the States. With both Brazil and South America making it into the top 10, along with Spain and Australia it’s clearly a global business.

“At present, over 700 million messages have been sent through over 6 million unique social profiles. To celebrate this occasion, we’ve released an infographic highlighting signup milestones and revenue (run rate), the top ten signups by country, daily usage percentages via web and mobile devices, newly added social networks, and effective reach of messages sent daily.”