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5 Daily Tasks For Twitter Beginners

So if you’re new to Twitter and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. It can be easy to give up after a few days, but you shouldn’t. It’s a brilliant tool for business and customer service in particular. Here’s a very quick blog post with 5 simple tasks you can do every day to make your life easier on Twitter.

Use the lists

So many people still don’t use this feature. Add your favourite tweeters to lists to easily see a conversation about one subject. removing all the noise will help you feel like you’re not wasting your time.


Search a few keywords in your industry, or your business name, on a daily basis. Listen to what people are talking about and what’s current. Chime in with your views and make them valuable.


Retweeting is a great way of showing you are reading other tweets, but why not take it once step further and really take the time to pay attention to who follows you. Those that have a website that impress you, or services that seem very professional. Tell your followers and theirs, by mentioning them.

Manage Spam

It’s virtually impossible to avoid spam on twitter. You are followed by a newbie who you think is genuinely interested in what you or your business has to say and you follow back only to find out they are intent in spamming you. Well don’t just ignore it, block them and report them to Twitter.

Thank People

If someone takes the time to follow you, retweet you, mention or compliment you, thank them. You wouldn’t ignore them in person if they did would you?

If you can do those five simple things every day, you will grow your Twitter community at a decent pace. It’s really not complicated, it’s simply about being sociable.