About Us

Social Colleague is a UK based company, which provides social media virtual assistance and services to small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK and Republic Of Ireland. We’re here to help you manage your social media presence, or we can simply take care of it all. We can optimise your advertising campaigns, design your custom WordPress website, or simply manage your Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest accounts. We’re not an international marketing agency looking to charge you four or five figures to run a marketing campaign online, we are a small business which provides services for small businesses, and we like to think we do it well because we understand our clients so well!

We operate by providing the best service possible and being honest and transparent with our clients. We strive to build long term relationships, but understand that not all clients want the same. Contact us now for more information.

Please remember one thing about social media, it is an important tool to allow business to create a better reputation online, but it won’t directly translate into sales overnight.  So if it’s affiliate marketing your looking for, we’re very sorry that is not what we do. In summary, we want to help you build your profile and reputation. We want to work with you to build a relationship that is productive, honest and lasting. We want to build a reputation for your business which allows you to focus on what you do best, make your business a success.

Ultimately, the truth is that you could promote your business using Social Media, but you would have to invest time learning how to get the most out of it. We can teach you how to do so at Social Colleague, or we can simply do it for you (see our services).

Thanks for taking the time to find out what we do, if you want to discuss anything further please contact us on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively contact me directly at jpm@socialcolleague.com.