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Do you want to advertise on social media? Do you want to drive traffic to your Facebook page, campaign or website? Do you want to generate more sales and leads?

Facebook is the word’s most visited website and a quarter of all web traffic is now going to Facebook on a daily basis, with a reported 50% logging in daily, Linkedin is the most popular business network in the world.

At Social Colleague I can offer you a custom advertising campaign, managed, optimised and developed over time. Facebook offers an unbelievable amount of information to ensure detailed targeting. No other website allows you to advertise to an audience based on not just age and gender, but location (down to town or city) interests, hobbies, marital status and a lot more.

I’m a big believer in education, so you can expect me to try and pass on my knowledge and advice over time, allowing to take ownership of your own social media advertising campaign if you wish.

For only a small management fee I can get you started within 24 hours, so contact me now on Skype or email me below.


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