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An Interview With John Pring Of DesignBySoap Ltd

This week’s expert interview comes from John Pring of Design By Soap Ltd.

Describe in a nutshell what you guys at Designbysoap do?


We’re a content creation, marketing and search engine optimisation agency.


What do you consider to be your main services?

We’re most well-known for our infographic design and promotion service, but we also offer animated infographics, search consultancy, SEO, web design, linkbait development and holistic marketing campaigns.…

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SEO Q & A with Dave Cain

Whilst i’m very focused on writing about social media for obvious reasons, the growing importance of social media as part of the ‘signals’ which your dictate websites search results means i’ve spent the last couple of months learning much more about SEO. Both from a personal and professional stand-point.

So the following is a Q & A with Dave Cain, an SEO expert with over 10 years industry experience based in Nottingham.  …

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