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Create Your Own Infographics At Visual.Ly

Those that read our blog from time to time will probably be aware we’re big fans of the infographic here at Social Colleague. We’ve posted a couple right here on our blog, and we love to share them on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook with our followers.

Things are set to change very quickly with the introduction (long awaited, may I add) of the free infographic creation tool at Visual.Ly.

Right now, there are only two options for the data which you can present. Facebook and Twitter, you simply enter the username of the account you wish to create a data visualisation for and pick your theme. Then watch the magic happen, it really is that simple.

Too good to be true? Well there isn’t a huge amount of options right now and you can’t pick much else apart from the username, then the visualisation is done for you and can’t be tinkered with (yet).

We thought we’d start with a comparison of the Twitter accounts for Time and Newsweek  magazine. Makes for a really interesting reading, and there’s an obvious gulf in activity.

Time and Newsweek Twitter Infographic


There promises to be more additions and themes in the coming weeks and months, but it’s a great start. Take a look for yourselves, what do you think?