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Facebook Surveys Business Page Owners

In an interesting move, Facebook have asked for feedback from advertisers their ad’ system. Now, this may not be the first time they’ve done this; it may simply be the first time i’ve been asked to do it. Nonetheless it would appear they are taking recent criticisms seriously and try to understand how the can make the product better.















It can only be a good thing; for us business page owners because hopefully it will lead to more of what we want. Referrals, leads, traffic and business. And for Facebook, well because I assume it will lead to increased revenue if they act on the Feedback.


Even though I work the social network on a daily basis, i’ve always got the impression they didn’t want to go down the popular route. They would always make a change and expect us to follow suit, rather than simply asking what we think. So this is great, news and hopefully it will lead to improvements and changes to pages and the ad’ system that the customers want to see.

Personally, i’m really happy to see questions about the support and communications aspect. This is certainly something I feel Facebook could improve on and adding a live chat or even a simple contact number would help a number of small businesses who feel they need more instant help with the social network.

Here’s a taster of some of the questions being asked; let me know what you think.

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