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Q How much do you charge?

A My rates start from a very reasonable £10 per hour for the best value packages, but depending on whether I work with other freelancers this may be higher. Design services tend to be the main example of this.


Q How can I pay you?

A Invoices are issued monthly, in advance of work completed. Payment can be completed by BACS transfer, online payment systems PayPal or Skrill, and more recently, Barclays Pingit.

Q What is Barclays Pingit?

A It’s quick, simple and above all else – it’s free of charge for both of us. I have a business banking account linked to my mobile, once your account is set up you simply send me payment via your mobile. 


QWhere are you based?

AI’m based in Leeds, in North England.


QDo you work alone?

A Sometimes, but not always – it depends on the project.


QDo you only work with UK clients?

ANo, I currently have clients in Ireland, Australia, Mexico and the US. If you’re happy with the time difference, so am I. I can work to your schedule.


QDo you only work with social media?

A No, you can contact me with any proposals you wish.


QAre you qualified to work as a social media freelance?

AI have a qualification from the Digital Marketing Institute, i’m a member of the Social Media Club and I studied marketing as part of my education. I’m qualified, to an extent. I can always improve my knowledge and understanding.
Anyone that tells you otherwise about social media is lying!


QI recognise the name, have I seen you somewhere before?

APossibly, I’m a member of a few business and webmaster forums, and my articles appear on Social Media Today, Business2Community and Social Media Club from time to time. I was also interviewed by SEO expert Dave Cain on his blog.