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Are Your Twitter Followers Fake?

Follower Quality is Essential to Social Media Marketing Success

If like me you have experience of Email Marketing you will understand the importance of list quality. It is an essential part of deliverability and also ROI. Many of you, however, may not have thought the same applies to Twitter and your follower list. But it does.
In fact there are many similarities between Email and Social Media. A number of recent stories about prominent business people gaming their Twitter accounts with fake followers remind us of the bad old days of Email Marketing. A time when people would regularly buy millions of email addresses in the vain hope that someone might bite.

Of course there are slight differences between buying millions of non-subscribed email addresses and buying thousands of fake Twitter followers. The main aim of the latter is to convince others you have significant social influence. But essentially both aim to boost ROI via dubious means.
And this is how you should view purchasing fake followers. It may seem like a good idea – a cheap and quick way to encourage legitimate Tweeters to follower you. But fundamentally you are undermining you’re Twitter account and putting your social reputation at risk. The latter because tools like the StatusPeople Fake Followers App and TwitterCounter are making it far easier to catch people out.

Ultimately you should regard your follower quality as of the utmost importance. It is far better to communicate with a small list of engaged followers than a vast list of inactive followers. And the reasons should be obvious. Engaged followers are far more likely to respond to your content. But most importantly they are far more likely to share your content with other interested users.
So how do you improve your follower quality? Well first I suggest you run your account through the StatusPeople Fake Follower App. It will give you an idea of your current list quality — including spam and inactive accounts.

Then you need to find out who your influencers are. You can do this manually with any Twitter client. By researching the people who follower you, what their interests are and how often they engage with you. Or a quicker way is to use a tool like Kred which assesses your influencers for you.
And finally, well this bit is down to you, develop a communication strategy that suits and engages your followers — in particularly your influencers. This isn’t a precise science so a test and learn process is essential. And you will need a Social Media client with a decent campaign tool to carry this out. One that can group, track and schedule tweets.

Good luck, and remember as a Social Media marketer follower quality is one of your primary concerns.

Rob Waller is a web developer and founder of StatusPeople a Social Media Management and Tracking Tool. Previous to this he spent 5 years working in Email Marketing training clients, designing emails and developing platforms.