Has Facebook Gone Too Far?

There seems to be a new Facebook development every week, sometimes daily, at the moment.

First of all, months ago, was the new timeline design, which didn’t go down particularly well – even though a few of those features have been great for businesses. The apparent lack of choice angered many. It was simply a case of being told when you’re moving to the new page layout. Then came the constant tinkering with the size of the profile image, 2 or three times my image was changed, causing me to rethink the design of the whole page to ensure if they continued to do so I wouldn’t be affected adversely.

More recently, Facebook introduced the ‘paid posts’ feature. Which is simply a way to boost the engagement and views of your updates within your community, increasing your visibility essentially boosted your edge rank temporarily (essentially Facebook’s version of Google PageRank). This has also angered many, what is the point in updating your posts and working to engage your community, if others are paying to be better placed in your newsfeed? I’ve noticed recently that i’m seeing the same content for days on end when I know that many of the pages I have engaged with have updated their content, but it simply isn’t showing. I can completely understand why this is annoying many people.

Then came the Facebook email mess last week. Did you notice your email address was changed to @facebook.com on your profile without your permission? No? Go and take a look? If you need to change it simply follow these quick and easy steps from my tutorial below.



I’m sure we can expect many, many more changes in the coming weeks and months to be honest as they look to increase profitability since their IPO crash, but my question is – Are Facebook losing what made them so popular in the first place? Have they gone too far?