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How the New Twitter Can Work for Your Business

With Google+ and Facebook continuing to unveil new features, it was inevitable that Twitter would make a move to keep pace. But the recently announced Twitter upgrade may be even bigger than expected.

The new version of Twitter intends to simplify the microblogging social network and make it easier to engage with connections both old and new. In addition, there are features geared especially for businesses which can help you expand your brand’s reach.

The New Twitter Explained

At first glance, the new interface may appear similar to the current one, but the differences are significant. For one, the top navigation menu has undergone a complete revamping, and it now features more meaningful and useful options.

The items in the new tab menu are Home, Connect and Discover on the left side and a new profile section and Tweet button on the right. The Home section is an improved version of the old news feed, with photos and videos now directly embedded. The Connect section is the place to find retweets, @ replies and favorited Tweets.

Discover is the most exciting new area, billed by Twitter as a “stream of useful information, designed especially for you.” Much more than just a list of trending hashtags, this section features recommended stories based on total popularity, your connections, location and language. In this section there are also various ways to find new users to follow. Finally, the new profile section is much expanded, giving you more room to introduce yourself and also show off your lists, favorites, photos and more.

Another change is the fact that this new tab interface will be the same across all versions of Twitter, including the website, iPhone and Android apps, and even TweetDeck which was recently acquired by Twitter.

Currently, Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android feature the new interface, and the update will hit the browser version shortly.

The New Twitter As an Asset For Your Business

In contrast to the special brand pages available on Facebook and Google+, Twitter has not yet offered a profile catered specifically to businesses. Instead, companies and other brands have simply opened up personal accounts under their business name. With the new Twitter, however, this will change, as they have announced a new business profile, known as the “enhanced profile page.” With this, businesses will be able to offer a more customized and engaging Twitter experience for their followers.

Twitter has revealed that businesses will be able to add large images, taglines and other visual content to their enhanced profiles, and can also add “promoted” tweets which will stay at the top their timeline.

This promoted tweet could be a welcome message sending users to your website or sales page, or a current campaign you want to feature.

As of today Twitter has opened up the enhance profile pages to 21 selected companies, including Intel, McDonalds and American Express. Similar to the launch for Google+ pages, Twitter will gradually roll out this feature to more companies in the coming months, and it will eventually be free for all businesses, large and small.