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7 Simple Steps to Increase Your Pinterest Following.

With Pinterest growing daily, and on the way to becoming the ‘next big thing’ , we’ve been receiving a few questions about the best way the increase your following on the image social bookmarking site.

So here’s a few of the most effective ways to increase your interaction with others on Pinterest.

1. Put a share button your site or blog. Probably the easiest way to let your visitors know you are on Pinterest.

2. Make your boards easy to navigate. Are they arranged in a friendly manner? Do they make sense? If you are pinning food and drink images, why not break them down into topics such as recipes, world beers or more?

3. Choose unique and interesting names for your boards. You can discuss news and what is current, but instead of simply saying it’s a ‘news’ board, why not say ‘Stop The Press’?

4. If you have a blog, why not add some more images to your articles and pin your blog posts to a board? This is becoming a really popular way of directing some extra traffic to your blog.

5. When you talk about Pinterest on Facebook, Twitter or your blog, why not give users a direct link to your profile instead of just the site? It shows your audience you are actively engaging with the topic you are discussing whilst building your following at the same time.

6. Similar to Twitter, you can’t build a huge following by following no one (unless you’re a major celebrity or brand) so get out there and follow others who you are genuinely interested in.

7. Add your RSS, Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Pinterest profile, this should be an easy way to pick up some extra followers.

Whilst these tips are fairly easy to master, it’s important to remember it takes time and if you want to get the most from Pinterest, you should spend some browsing what some of the most pinned images are. Most of all enjoy it, it’s very addictive!