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How To Make Your Profile More Visible On Linkedin

First of, it has to be said – these are basic tips. However, I get asked this question all the time and really it comes down to 5 main points.


  • Understand your audience – over 90% of recruiters apparently use LinkedIn. They’ll search for position, your current state of employment, industry, etc. Keywords used in LinkedIn are absolutely crucial to being found by the right people. The effect good quality keywords have on Linkedin, it can be argued, are greater than even Google. With this in mind, keep your skills and expertise area up-to-date and filled out in full. It stands to reason you would want to add something like Facebook Advertising if you were a freelance social media manager who works with PPC.
  • Use the Add Connections for Colleagues and Classmates to find people that don’t immediately come to mind. Upload an email address in the Add Connections area. Though be careful not to add anyone as you do not want to irritate potential suiters.
  • What do you do when you get a new follower on Twitter? (Or what should you do?) Thank them! Take a couple of minutes to send a personal message to the new contact about what you or they do. furthering your chances of networking success.
  • This sounds so simple, but actually using the status updates is something that not everyone does. A huge number of people site pretty on Linkedin without really participating. Go and join in with the Q and As, discussions and remember the contacts that ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on your updates are sharing your name with their contacts in a similar vein to Facebook.
  • Ask for recommendations from those you have worked with or for, you don’t need hundreds – but this can be a very powerful tool.


Thanks for stopping by guys, do you think i’ve missed anything?