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Pinterest, Quotes & the Search for Inspiration

One good glance through the “Popular” category on Pinterest indicates an interesting trend. Users are pinning (and re-pinning) a good number of quotes/funny sayings and they seem to be growing in popularity.

Pinterest is still evolving and it’s fascinating to see how people are using it in unique ways. Maybe it’s not all about visual candy, but something more — perhaps inspiration. Pinterest themselves tell us to: “Organize and share things you love.” Although the vast majority of users are doing so with photography, it’s certainly up for interpretation.

This is what spawned the idea for Pin A Quote. When it became abundantly obvious that users had the desire to pin quotes and funny sayings, I figured, why not make it fun and easy for them? Pin A Quote allows users to highlight any text on the web and have it automatically converted into an image that can be easily pinned to Pinterest (or shared on other social networks). Call it an elegant workaround, but the feedback from users has been overwhelming – they love it.

Paul Middleton of Social Colleague recently purchased the PRO version and told us, “We’ve used the bookmarklet on Chrome for some of our clients to great success. Allowing pins to be created for sites that do not have the visual imagery of others”.

Pin A Quote Goes PRO

Pin A Quote PRO

As more and more users began using Pin A Quote, in came the requests for font and color customizations. This is just the feedback we wanted to hear and we were excited at the prospect of a PRO version that would allow users to choose from a list of great fonts and be able to control colors.


So, just last week, Pin A Quote PRO was released and it’s on sale now for only $1.99. The fun factor just went up — way up. Let’s face it, most people aren’t exactly Photoshop pros and MS Paint is…well…MS Paint. Pin A Quote PRO makes it incredibly easy for users to create beautiful, custom image quotes, with theme & emotion. If you’re quoting something funny, use bright colours and a funky font. If you’re referencing a Bob Marley quote use red, green and yellow. The possibilities are endless.

Things we love come in many forms (not just photos of them). A lot of us draw our deepest inspiration from words – especially, short and easy to consume quotes. A lot of us also happen to use Pinterest, so I think this works out really well. Some of the great responses we’ve seen from Pin A Quote users is that they now have a reason to start using Pinterest more often. It seems to create a greater sense of ownership for pins.