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Data-Driven Facebook Analytics From Polygraph Media

Here’s a great guest blog post from the founder of Polygraph Media, provider of data driven Facebook analytics.

Popular Las Vegas Casinos on Facebook

by Chris Treadaway, Founder & CEO of Polygraph Media
Las Vegas is understandably one of the best places in the world for adults to enjoy a good time.  It’s a place where anything you could possibly want is available – food, shopping, gambling, entertainment, you name it.  As such, it’s big business – and all the major casinos fight to become your preferred travel destination. Marketing for the major Las Vegas casino properties has taken different forms over the years, but now the battleground has moved to Facebook.  So we thought we’d dig into the numbers to know exactly who is winning.

Looking strictly at Fan Count, it seems that Bellagio is the winner.  It has more Fans than The Venetian and Cosmopolitan combined.  But that really tells only part of the story.  The Fans Added Per Day chart below tells us that Aria has become a contender on Facebook very quickly – adding fans by the thousands per day.  In fact, if we zoom into the last six weeks of data, we can see that Aria has had particularly explosive growth between May 15-20.

It certainly warrants investigation.  Looking at the Aria Facebook Page, we can see that Aria released a very successful Offer on May 14th – a $110 Resort Credit, Special Rates, and VIP access to their club Haze.  176,745 people claimed the offer – and a lot of them clearly decided that this was a good reason to Like the Aria Page.  Kudos to Aria for a successful Facebook marketing tactic!

What are the broader trends over time?  We might look at some other charts in the Polygraph Report comparison to tell us.  Below is a summary of how the four casinos have earned “market share” against each other over time on Facebook.  Looking at the Admin Post Share charts, it’s evident that the various properties have more or less maintained their strategy for posting content (1 below).  None have posted significantly more or less than they did in 2011.  But the strategy is resulting in more Engagement (Posts, Comments, Likes, Comment Likes) for Aria than the other casinos, as Aria is gaining share (2).  It’s apparently happening at the expense of the Venetian, who has seen its Engagement Share, Like Share, and Comment Share all drop relative to the other properties (2) (3).

Someone interested in this market may then want to dive deeper into the Aria and Venetian Polygraph Reports to look at exactly what each property is doing to attract people and to get them to communicate on the Facebook Page.  Not picking on anyone, but if I’m managing social marketing for the Venetian, I’m going to make changes.  If I’m managing social marketing for Aria, I want current trends to continue – but I’m not going to sleep on the job.  I will want to see how my competitors are evolving over time to better market to customers in a highly competitive environment.  If I’m another Las Vegas casino, I want to make sure I learn from the success of Aria and emulate it on my Page.

This is just one example of the type of analysis that you can do with access to the data.  Marketing is quickly becoming a data problem – and the next generation of successful marketers will learn how to use data – your own and those of your competitors – to better communicate with customers.  Marketers, agencies, and consultants who have trouble competing on Facebook are waking up to the latent opportunities that exist in social data .  Truth lies in the data – and can help you adjust your strategy to win on Facebook.

Polygraph Casino infographic

Chris Treadaway is Founder & CEO of Polygraph Media and co-author of Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day with Mari Smith.