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Resultly – Realtime Search Engine

There are few significant events in the recent Internet history that
changed the face of the Internet forever and whose ripples are still
propagating through the online world.

The first event occurred in 1998 when google introduced its rank based
algorithm and search engine. Google offers plethora of products but
the largest slice of its revenue pie comes from Search and Google’s
AdSense program allowing businesses to better target audience with
relevant advertisements. Even Microsoft The giants of the IT industry
are trying to tap into the search market to this day. Here at Resultly
we are working on a new generation of a search engine that, we
believe, will start a revolution in Online Search.

Let us point out some problems inherent to the architecture of the
contemporary search algorithms. Google’s approach, for example, is
powerful but nonetheless it is unable to capture the changes on the
web as they occur. Due to the immense scales of the web and the highly
dynamic nature of the information it contains, the rate at which web
crawlers probe the Internet is limited. Even with the best resources
such as hardware and bandwidth, the index of the entire web can only
be updated in a matter of days. In the world of ever changing prices,
breaking news, stock market updates,  such latency is unacceptable.


Resultly aims to solve this problem by introducing a revolutionary
search technology that will shake the Internet once more. The name we
gave to our strategy is the Real Time Search. We are unable to divulge
too much about our technology but attest that Resultly’s search
solution will reduce or eliminate the latency related to the standard
web crawling. Resultly’s users will have access to the most current
state of the web and they will be aware of any changes the moment they
occur. Needless to say the enormous benefit our partners will enjoy by
ensuring that their potential clientele is in possession of the most
current information about the business.

Another shockwave spread through the fabric of the Internet during
2003-2004 with the discovery of largely unexplored social media
market. A few failed trying to conquer the social domain of the
internet but some had enormous success. MySpace was a pioneer in
entering the uncharted territory but its acquisitor made several fatal
mistakes leaving the network in despair. Facebook took over and it
currently holds the social crown.  More traditional business models
were reborn by harvesting the “Power of Social”. Groupon and Spotify
are making headline in the IT news feeds weekly. Resultly is able to
magnify its powerful Real-Time search technology by making Search more
social. By offering a cutting edge search technology combined with
understanding trends within online community and how the members of
this community are connected, makes Resultly a major Enterprise 2.0
operator. We are able to offer our partners much more than what just
an ad based search company or a social network venue could offer.