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An Introduction To Social Media Club – By Jessica Murray

Social Media Club will soon be celebrating our 6th birthday in August and welcoming the launch of chapters throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Social Media Club has scaled so quickly because we’ve remained true to our not-for-profit missions which include promoting media literacy, sharing best practices and promoting ethical industry standards.

The first Social Media Club chapter was founded in San Francisco, California and quickly expanded into cities like New York, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Amsterdam, Paris and Sydney, which are among our largest and longest standing chapters.

The magic of Social Media Club happens on the local level through in real life educational events, typically hosted monthly across more than 330 chapters.  These events host important conversations around social media and technology and are attended by marketers, SEO Professionals, journalists, students, small business owners, freelancers, designers, entrepreneurs and more.

One of my favorite parts of serving the SMC community is seeing the differences across chapters, whether cultural differences or makeup of their Professional communities. For example, New York City has a heavy agency and internal brand membership vs. Nashville, which has more designer, entrepreneur members.  We love this diversity and don’t want to ever take away from it, as the diversity of our community has truly been one of the greatest successes of our organization.  SMC offers a collaborative environment for all levels of knowledge to come together around a shared interest, social media.  Every attendee is a teacher as well as a student, and comes with a hunger to learn more and share their knowledge.  All living up to our motto, “If you get it, share it.”

Thanks to this collaborative spirit, SMC has hosted some of the industry’s leading thought leaders but our chapters know the key to sustaining their success is by highlighting the talent that exists within the community. Several of our chapters find ways to give back to the community either by offering frequent strategy brainstorming sessions open to local nonprofits or small government agencies in need of social media guidance and others have gone on to hold fundraising campaigns for local causes.

SMC events are a great opportunity to stay on top of trends and changes in the social media space along with the chance to meet Professionals in your community. Don’t believe me? We recently featured some first-hand stories from our members and leaders, sharing the personal and professional benefits they’ve received from participating in Social Media Club, here are a few of their stories.

We invite you to visit socialmediaclub.org to learn more about Social Media Club and visit our global events calendar to find a SMC event nearest you!