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Some Useful Time Saving WordPress Plugins

So there are thousands, upon thousands of WordPress plugins out there – literally, but I’ll take a few moments to show you 5 of the best which can help webmasters streamline their WordPress operated website or blog, save time and help make things easier.


WordPress is so diverse these days; the types websites you can put together are varied. From directories, eCommerce and straight-forward blogs, to image based themes, Q & A style sites and magazine themes. Plugins add to that diversity. If you’re already using WP you’ll know how easy it is to add a new plugin to your website. It’s simply a case of search, upload and activate. So here’s a run down of my favourite plugins – some of which we use here and some we have used on other projects.



Brilliant – I can’t say enough about the guy that designed this – Joel Birch. It’s so simple. NoFollowr allows you to turn your external links (links to other websites) to nofollow. Placing a a tick or a cross next to the link which is only visible to administrators when logged in, NoFollowr doesn’t need the page to be refreshed to work. You simply click the tick, to turn it into a cross and you’re done. Very, very nice. Not sure why this is only rated 4 stars at the plugin directory – it’s my personal favourite. When I first downloaded it, I went through over 100 pages in under an hour. Download it now!


Crazy Egg

More than just a WordPress plugin, Crazy Egg is a very effective tool that allows webmasters to track the views and clicks on their website. Simply sign up for one website (max 10 pages) and set the project timescale and you’ll see the progress over time. So useful for allowing you to see if you have the content and call-to-action in the right place on your home page, or perhaps the newsletter sign up form? Simple add the plugin on your WP dashboard and go back to the site and you’re ready to go. Love it.



Another plugin that is more than just a plugin. Wufoo provides an excellent service which  allows users to build quality forms and surveys. An example of which is our design services order form here at Social Colleague. Slick and easy to use, Wufoo is a firm favourite of mine.


SEO Smart Links

A great plugin which reduces the time you spend adding links. SEO Smart links simply adds an internal URL to any keyword which matches a page on your WordPress site. Allowing you to build internal links quickly and efficiently.


These are only 4 of the vast array of WordPress plug ins available, do you recommend any? Drop a comment below.