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A Beginners Guide To LinkedIn.

Believe it or not LinkedIn dates back to before Facebook and Twitter, which is old in social media terms. However, recently it has come of age and has been growing in stature and now is considered the most important social network for business. So I thought it appropriate to help some of our visitors who may not be fully aware of the features and possibilities of LinkedIn.…

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A Few Simple Benefits of Using An RSS Feed

If you spend much time online, it’s likely you’re aware of RSS feeds as a method of keeping up with blogs and websites. But what exactly is this technology? And, more importantly, how can it benefit you as both a consumer and a publisher of content?

A Brief Introduction to RSS


RSS dates back to the late 1990s and was developed as a way to allow website content to be syndicated for use on other sites.…

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Facebook Announce Free UK Advertising.

Facebook has today announced it will offer £4.2m worth of free advertising to small businesses across Europe in the near future.

Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s chief operating officer, announced that 50,000 small businesses across five nations; UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy will have the chance to claim up to £80 each of credits to use on Facebook advertising.…

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Why Your Business Website Should Have A Blog

The ease of publishing and the participatory nature of commenting have made blogs incredibly popular over the past decade. But today they are much more than just personal diaries. Blogging content management systems such as WordPress can power your entire business website, or can be quickly installed on your domain. For businesses that take the time to plan a clear strategy, a blog can bring several important benefits.…

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Your New Year’s Social Media Resolutions

We’re now a few days into 2012, and many of us have undoubtedly committed to some of the usual New Year’s Resolutions: exercising more, eating less, quitting a personal habit and the like. But have you dedicated yourself to something that will improve your business, not just yourself?

I’m talking, of course, about your New Year’s Social Media Resolutions!…

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How the New Twitter Can Work for Your Business

With Google+ and Facebook continuing to unveil new features, it was inevitable that Twitter would make a move to keep pace. But the recently announced Twitter upgrade may be even bigger than expected.

The new version of Twitter intends to simplify the microblogging social network and make it easier to engage with connections both old and new.…

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Google+ is Open for Business(es), But How Does It Stack Up?

In a previous post, we made some predictions on how Google+ could potentially become a useful platform for businesses. And now the time for speculation is over. Last week Google opened up the service to corporations, brands and organizations of all types, intensifying the social network’s competition with Facebook.

The announcement was a major one, since for the first four months of its existence only individuals were allowed to have Google+ accounts.…

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Will Google+ Ever Be Helpful to Businesses?

In the ongoing battle between Facebook and Google+, Facebook’s success with business pages might appear to tip the scales in their favor. In contrast, Google+’s minimalist design and comparatively few features do not immediately seem to be a big revenue generator. But the search giant has big plans in store for businesses, and they are farther along than you might think.…

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Facebook Provides Help to Small Businesses

Millions of people around the globe already use Facebook to connect with their family and friends, but now the social networking giant is focusing on a new demographic: small businesses.

Facebook for Business, a new section of the website, serves as a comprehensive training resource, offering tools to help small businesses optimize their presence on Facebook, engage with existing customers and also attract new ones.…

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