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24 Hours in Social Media {INFOGRAPHIC}

I’ve recently been trying to learn a little more about info graphic design. I’ve always been a fan of data visualisation as readers of my Infographiq blog will know, but I recently stumbled upon  great tool for designing info graphics from templates over at PiktoChart.

Here’s my first shot; I’d love some feedback!…

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Two Great New Facebook Features

As of yesterday, Facebook announced a few new features for brands using the business pages.

Admin Roles

First up is a really nice feature for page owners to assign different roles to admins, depending on what they are working on or what responsibilities they may have.There are five different roles, each with their own responsibilities:

All admins are currently managers by default, by this can be easily changed by going to your edit page button, then selecting admin roles (as below).…

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Useful Official Links From Facebook

At Social Colleague we have several clients who rely heavily on Facebook for the majority of their social media presence. If this is you, then we thought this would be a good opportunity to help you with some official resources from the social network itself.

Many small businesses, and even some large corporations, are not aware of the valuable resources.…

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Quality Versus Quantity. Why Engagement Matters.

It’s often one of the most sought-after measures from a social media campaign, but in reality the size of your following matters less than the quality of your engagement. Would you rather have 50 fans genuinely interested in your business, who read and engage with your content on a regular basis, or 1,000 who simply are not interested?…

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Every 60 Seconds In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

I love to share infographics here at Social Colleague, and our latest is this from Social Jump Start.
Amazing as always, what happens in the space of 60 seconds in social media is a reminder of the exponential growth such sites as YouTube has seen over the years, and for all the recent growth, Pinterest still has some way to go to reach the traffic of Twitter or Facebook.…

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Facebook Announce Free UK Advertising.

Facebook has today announced it will offer £4.2m worth of free advertising to small businesses across Europe in the near future.

Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s chief operating officer, announced that 50,000 small businesses across five nations; UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy will have the chance to claim up to £80 each of credits to use on Facebook advertising.…

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Your New Year’s Social Media Resolutions

We’re now a few days into 2012, and many of us have undoubtedly committed to some of the usual New Year’s Resolutions: exercising more, eating less, quitting a personal habit and the like. But have you dedicated yourself to something that will improve your business, not just yourself?

I’m talking, of course, about your New Year’s Social Media Resolutions!…

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Useful, Official Facebook Links & Resources.

We thought it may be useful give the ever-changing policies and features of Facebook, to give our visitors a quick summary of links and information that is available on the site itself. I see a lot of questions asked on forums about Facebook, and most people don’t realise there is actually a lot of answers readily available on the social networking site.…

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Google+ is Open for Business(es), But How Does It Stack Up?

In a previous post, we made some predictions on how Google+ could potentially become a useful platform for businesses. And now the time for speculation is over. Last week Google opened up the service to corporations, brands and organizations of all types, intensifying the social network’s competition with Facebook.

The announcement was a major one, since for the first four months of its existence only individuals were allowed to have Google+ accounts.…

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