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An Interview With John Pring Of DesignBySoap Ltd

This week’s expert interview comes from John Pring of Design By Soap Ltd.

Describe in a nutshell what you guys at Designbysoap do?


We’re a content creation, marketing and search engine optimisation agency.


What do you consider to be your main services?

We’re most well-known for our infographic design and promotion service, but we also offer animated infographics, search consultancy, SEO, web design, linkbait development and holistic marketing campaigns.…

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Data-Driven Facebook Analytics From Polygraph Media

Here’s a great guest blog post from the founder of Polygraph Media, provider of data driven Facebook analytics.

Popular Las Vegas Casinos on Facebook

by Chris Treadaway, Founder & CEO of Polygraph Media
Las Vegas is understandably one of the best places in the world for adults to enjoy a good time. …

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3 Millions Users At HootSuite [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hootsuite recently celebrated hitting 3 million users. The social media dashboard (which we are big fans of here at Social Colleague) has grown substantially from its early days.

“It is a momentous day in HootSuite’s history as we’re proud to announce our 3,000,000th signup. The dashboard is riding an impressive growth curve having taken 24 months to reach our first million, eight months to reach two million, and six months to reach three million users.”

As you can see from their infographic below, Japan beats both Canada and the UK to second place in numbers of users behinds the States.…

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Every 60 Seconds In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

I love to share infographics here at Social Colleague, and our latest is this from Social Jump Start.
Amazing as always, what happens in the space of 60 seconds in social media is a reminder of the exponential growth such sites as YouTube has seen over the years, and for all the recent growth, Pinterest still has some way to go to reach the traffic of Twitter or Facebook.…

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