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Linkedin Enables Targeted Status Updates

As of last week, you can now select a target audience for updates shared on your Linkedin Company Page.

You can specify the audience you wish to view your update by company size, industry, job function, seniority, geography and whether they work in your business or not.

Targeted Status Updates were previously tested in beta to a few Linkedin customers and are now available to all Company Pages, the video from their YouTube channel shows you how to use the new features.…

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Are You Still a LinkedIn LION? Do You Benefit?

It’s been around for a few years now, the Linkedin LIONs (or Linkedin Open Networkers) which openly encourage networking with relative strangers in order to boost their audience, and to be honest I don’t really hear much about it these days – but i’m asking if anyone that is still a LION actually benefits from it?…

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A Beginners Guide To LinkedIn.

Believe it or not LinkedIn dates back to before Facebook and Twitter, which is old in social media terms. However, recently it has come of age and has been growing in stature and now is considered the most important social network for business. So I thought it appropriate to help some of our visitors who may not be fully aware of the features and possibilities of LinkedIn.…

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Who Uses Social Media?

According to this report dissecting social media from adage.com, the following usage is apparent amongst some of the top social media websites.


The United States accounts for 155million of Facebook’s users, the UK a further 29.8million. Meaning between the two they account for over 180million potential Facebook fans for your business’ – Well not really, but you get the idea.…

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