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Facebook Tips – Social Adverts Settings


So Social Adverts have been around for quite som time now on Facebook, essentially it’s what appears when you see an advert and it says “Your Friend Likes This”. It’s pretty much accepted that this is a part of the social network and you’ve got to live with it if you want to use it – right?…

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Google Ready To Roll Out New Super Privacy Policy.

Google announced today on their blog, that as of March 1st, they will be rolling all their services into one. Whilst this has been on the cards for some time, i’m not sure if the implications have been fully understood until today.

This is part of what they had to say today;

“What does this mean in practice?…

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Useful, Official Facebook Links & Resources.

We thought it may be useful give the ever-changing policies and features of Facebook, to give our visitors a quick summary of links and information that is available on the site itself. I see a lot of questions asked on forums about Facebook, and most people don’t realise there is actually a lot of answers readily available on the social networking site.…

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