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24 Hours in Social Media {INFOGRAPHIC}

I’ve recently been trying to learn a little more about info graphic design. I’ve always been a fan of data visualisation as readers of my Infographiq blog will know, but I recently stumbled upon  great tool for designing info graphics from templates over at PiktoChart.

Here’s my first shot; I’d love some feedback!…

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Time For Some Realism?

I appreciate this is completely off-topic, and I would normally write an update about social media news, or discuss strategy of some sort – but today’s different, for many reasons.

This week is my (and my family’s) last week living in the Republic Of Ireland, Dublin to be precise. Whilst I have enjoying living here, met my beautiful fiance and now have a beautiful daughter – there’s one thing I haven’t really felt since living here.…

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Twitter Stats

I picked this gorgeous infographic up from Pinterest, but i’m stll yet to find the designer or company who commissioned the work.

Did You Know…?

Whilst I’m impressed with the graphics and design, it’s important to note that I still cannot find the source for the stats above. Some, I think are conservative and others perhaps need more substantiating.…

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Quality Versus Quantity. Why Engagement Matters.

It’s often one of the most sought-after measures from a social media campaign, but in reality the size of your following matters less than the quality of your engagement. Would you rather have 50 fans genuinely interested in your business, who read and engage with your content on a regular basis, or 1,000 who simply are not interested?…

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Create Your Own Infographics At Visual.Ly

Those that read our blog from time to time will probably be aware we’re big fans of the infographic here at Social Colleague. We’ve posted a couple right here on our blog, and we love to share them on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook with our followers.

Things are set to change very quickly with the introduction (long awaited, may I add) of the free infographic creation tool at Visual.Ly.…

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Every 60 Seconds In Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

I love to share infographics here at Social Colleague, and our latest is this from Social Jump Start.
Amazing as always, what happens in the space of 60 seconds in social media is a reminder of the exponential growth such sites as YouTube has seen over the years, and for all the recent growth, Pinterest still has some way to go to reach the traffic of Twitter or Facebook.…

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