Time For Some Realism?

I appreciate this is completely off-topic, and I would normally write an update about social media news, or discuss strategy of some sort – but today’s different, for many reasons.

This week is my (and my family’s) last week living in the Republic Of Ireland, Dublin to be precise. Whilst I have enjoying living here, met my beautiful fiance and now have a beautiful daughter – there’s one thing I haven’t really felt since living here. That’s the huge sense of disappointment around the England team over the past few years (well, not to the extent I would have felt it if living at home, anyway).

I was looking forward to seeing England play in the last Euro’s whilst I was living here, but we didn’t qualify. I was looking forward to seeing some of our best players taken on the world 2 years ago, but, well, you know what happened.

This year I was hoping and looking forward to an England-Ireland Quarter-Final, but is that realistic? Never mind Ireland’s poor performance and result against Croatia yesterday, England are going in to this tournament with the lowest expectations upon them since i’ve known. So there’s now an air of realism, or is there? I sill believe that if England go out in the group stages without a fight the media will rip them apart.

So what’s the best way to see what the public really think? Personally, i’m interested by reactions on Twitter. Yes many are very reactive, emotional and sometimes dramatic (See Rio Ferdinand’s Tweet in response to being left out of the squad as an answer). I personally think Twitter is the only social network which allows such emotive responses, in fact it’s built for it. It only takes a few seconds, so you’re much more likely to say what you think, right?

Anyway – there’s a school of thought that we could do well simply because we don’t have the expectations on the team as in tournaments past. Will this really make a difference? I suppose we’ll see by 7pm tonight, but as proud as I am to be English – i’m not holding my breath.

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