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Two Great New Facebook Features

As of yesterday, Facebook announced a few new features for brands using the business pages.

Admin Roles

First up is a really nice feature for page owners to assign different roles to admins, depending on what they are working on or what responsibilities they may have.There are five different roles, each with their own responsibilities:

  • Manager
  • Moderator
  • Content Creator
  • Advertiser
  • Insights Analyst

All admins are currently managers by default, by this can be easily changed by going to your edit page button, then selecting admin roles (as below). These roles are especially useful for businesses who may employ a freelance social media manager such as myself, as this allows them to assign limited admin privileges without overall control.

Scheduled Posts

Next up (for those of you using dashboards and tools such as Hootsuite, it’s not game-changing) Facebook is finally allowing page owners to schedule updates.

  • Choose the type of post you want to add to your page
  • Click the clock button in the bottom left
  • Then simply choose the year, month, day and time.
  • Click schedule and it’s ready.

You can also select a date in the past and this will allow the update to automatically appear at the correct part of your timeline. The new feature allows for scheduled updates up to 6 months in the future and of minimum intervals of 15 minutes.

As a page owner what do you think of the new features guys? Will they be useful? Do they go far enough?