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Useful, Official Facebook Links & Resources.

We thought it may be useful give the ever-changing policies and features of Facebook, to give our visitors a quick summary of links and information that is available on the site itself. I see a lot of questions asked on forums about Facebook, and most people don’t realise there is actually a lot of answers readily available on the social networking site.

Facebook’s Official Privacy Policy:

Facebook’s official policy regarding your privacy on the platform.

Facebook Marketing

A useful page helping businesses with the marketing of their pages.

Facebook Promotion Guidelines:

Facebook’s very own guidelines for promoting your Facebook page externally. Includes a graphic download to place on your website to help increase awareness of youre Facebook page and ensure easy navigation.

Facebook Pages Product Guide:

A simple summary PDF document by Facebook about what pages are. It also breaks down how they work and the various sections, settings and features that make up a fan page..

Facebook Fan Pages:

A page updated and adminstered by the site where they share news and updates, best practices and examples for administrators of Facebook pages to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing social network.

Facebook For Non-Profits:

A resource for non-profits and other organisations on Facebook

There is ceartinaly a wealth of official advice from Facebook readily available, it’s just not commonly used.

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