Who Uses Social Media?

According to this report dissecting social media from adage.com, the following usage is apparent amongst some of the top social media websites.


The United States accounts for 155million of Facebook’s users, the UK a further 29.8million. Meaning between the two they account for over 180million potential Facebook fans for your business’ – Well not really, but you get the idea. Further information that can be extremely useful depending on your business. Nerly 30% are parents, 55% list Baseball as an interest, and Football nearly 40%. According to the report, Twitter is balanced in favour of females. Something that I think may surprise a few social marketers out there. The figure is even more polarized when you consider visitors and not registered users.

Social media is very much about achieving a well thought-out and planned campaign across a broad spectrum of social network, social bookmarking, blogging and other platforms such as podcasting and RSS feeds. This information can prove invaluable to those wishing to target specific networks or social media websites for their campaign.

What do you think? Does anything surprise you? Are these figures worthwhile?