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Why Forums Are Still An Important Social Media Platform.

Across the internet and across any niches, there are hugely popular forums dating back years which continue to attract large amounts of traffic. Most people these days currently see social media as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and possibly LinkedIn. These are social networks which will always be part of the social media industry, but there is so much more.

Forums, blogs, social bookmarking sites to many but a few are all social media in their own right. So why do forums not necessarily get the same attention? I believe it’s simply a result of the immediacy social networks bring. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the like allow the user to update their profile with quick messages. Twitter in particular is a great example, 140 characters? How long would that take you? In most cases a few seconds, and most users general use on average 50-60 characters. This means even the most bored tweeter can update their account on a regular basis and have time to spare.

Forums are a different story entirely. Where I believe forums still hold a huge advantage over other platforms is in the culture they deliver if they are managed and moderated correctly. A forum which is active and receiving substantial traffic can be a great source of referral visitors to your business. Building a reputation on a forum through regular, helpful posting can generate substantial leads for your business in ways that no other platform can. Blogging allows you to put your thoughts in a structured way and promote your business, but they still need to visit your blog to read your articles. With a forum, you are actively going out there and promoting your opinions and creating interactions which are not possible elsewhere. Signatures links allow other forum members to your website if they wish to, and generally speaking these visitors are targeted as you can edit the anchor text to ensure the visitor is aware of your website product or service.

What forums do not do, is deliver instant and immediate success. You won’t receive an uplift in traffic to your website simply because you posted a couple of posts with your website in your signature link. Members of forums need to build trust with you, interact with you and see what your professional opinions are. Giving a detailed and educated reply to thread looking for help can show the thousands of visitors at the forum that you are your business are professional, experienced and highly skilled.

Whether you have the time to post on forums or not is another matter, so at Social Colleague we can provide forum posting as part of our services. If you wish to know more simply contact us now.